Cuban Salsa - Advanced Beginners - Volume 3
Cuban Salsa - Advanced Beginners - Volume 3
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Salsa con Swing
57 minutes
El Maestro
CUB102 / CUB201 / CUB202

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Our course of Salsa dance in DVD is intended to the false beginners having 2 to 3 months of course of cuban salsa..... This salsa DVD is ideal to offer to your friends who want to discover the authentic bases of the cuban salsa and to continue to progress... This DVD volume is essential for volumes salsa intermediate CUB201 - CUB202... - In this volume, El Maestro proposes to you the fundamental bases of Salsa Cubaine after the volume 1, which him to address itself to those which never took a step of salsa. As in a course, El maestro will show you the important aspects of Salsa cuban traditional known as also Casino. It will teach you how to make a standard sequence of this Salsa which you can easily remake in the night clubs with your partner of dance....

Salsa DVD Patterns :

01- Servilleta
02- Seductor
03- Macho
04- Gallito
5- Montana russa
06 - Salsita
07- Caballero
08- Besito doble
09- Fuego
10- Gallina
11- Juana la cubana
12- Juanita
13- Mariposa
14- Cuidado
15- Papo

+ Une démo

Durée : 57 minutes
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